“Free the strength”

Meto2o is based on a central and very strong backbone that acts as a “line of union” for everything related to the intervention strategies, the used techniques and the work philosophy...
Through Meto2o blend together 2 large conditional abilities, strength and joint mobility (which is best expressed through the term, in my opinion the most suitable in the description of Meto2o: "motor liberation"): with this basic philosophy, the goal is to create, in the trained subject, a sort of capacity for a continue self-feeding, so that through the motor liberation he can move his joints to the maximum of efficiency possible, as a direct consequence, through the strength he can get to the full use of involved joints and musculature.
The mechanism of action is summarized in the following steps, sequential and next to each other:

  1. motor liberation
  2. agonist muscles strength
  3. opposing muscles decontraction
  4. joints physical education
  5. training of the body region in a comprehensive manner.

The Free Body

Meto2o is based on the concept that, apart from the objective that the subject arises, the human body is more than sufficient to perform all the functions of training which requires: it's for this reason that all proposed exercises will be only body free.
Our body, in fact, can reach the overhead mainly in two ways: through the overload with the weights or through the overhead of the working volume. For example, lifting a dumbbell 100 times 1 kg or 10 times by lifting one 10 kg makes your job done... just got through different progressions! Obviously, the interest will change as a result of metabolic body, but without a doubt the work that will be used in particular to those who practice sports games (professionals or amateurs who are, it makes no difference) is a combination of resistant strength, tensile strength (more or less specific, depending on the levels of agonism) and motor liberation.
This combination is, in my personal opinion, easier to achieve through a free body work than to work with weights and external overload: this does not mean that working with weights is not useful or that I do not use it, but Meto2o is based on the human body and therefore also the workouts are set in this way.

Meto2o is able to get our body to very high levels of training (trying is believing!) using only our levers, the weight of our arms or legs, absolutely moved by our musculature the maximum range of motion as possible.
At most, small tools which can be used dumbbells from 1, 2, 4, up to 6 kg, not reversible benches, iron bars, wooden chopsticks and media among others, the most important is undoubtedly the headboard.