"2o" Philosophy

The two "O" are the first for Ottino, my last name, which is the same (obviously) as my father's one, and the second "O" has a highly symbolic value, since that vowel is a circle, is a set, if you want we can read in its representation of a concept of "whole".

My father at the time of his ten-year collaboration with the Sports Medicine Centre of Torino distinguished himself by his high percentage of cases solved, much to be recognized as the founder of a sort of "O Method"... since I am his only disciple and student, I decided to further specialize his philosophy and channel my studies towards a very ambitious goal: to create a method of working that can go in the direction of wellness but not only, that works for almost all of the people.

This was made possible through years and years of field studies, reflections after sessions with real people and not so much theory as a result of reading books: the result, which still can not be considered definitive, is a working method that has been and is getting literally amazing results both in terms of quality and continuity. From elderly people with various problems in adults with vertebral or joint pains, from children with postural problems up to the most advanced athletes (players with ATP and WTA rankings, even within the top 300 in the world), Meto2o has so far been a sort of "silent solution" to those who were able to experience it. Now is the time to spread the message because I have accumulated the necessary experience to be able to say with absolute tranquility that Meto2o is not reflected in other methods, but it is a fusion of experiences, philosophies, methodologies and sciences which, so far, I have always seen applied separately and unlinked to each other.
Try it to believe it!

Meto2o finds its essential foundation in the statement that "every human being is a unique and unrepeatable entity."
As a result of this, every person will be a set of "offset imbalances" because it’s quite unlikely that a body is completely balanced in the totality of its physical-motor and muscle-functional functions: for this reason, in fact, Meto2o offers training sequences closely related to physical education and everything related to the voluntariness of movements.
Meto2o treats the human body as a set of functions simply divided, both at muscle-functional and physical-motor level, into three major structural regions: trunk, upper limbs, lower limbs.

The way I act is based, as noted in paragraph "Human body for Meto2o", on the essential interaction between strength and joint mobility: in fact, reaching the motor liberation without an appropriate level of strength is almost impossible, but not only that: it would be quite useless, because, in fact, even if we had particularly free, mobile and balanced joints, they should be moved by strong and functional muscles.

Meto2o is the perfect realization of the use of the human body: each movement, each action taken during Meto2o training is entirely designed and requires necessarily a voluntariness and a mental determination in the technical implementation of the movement, even the simplest.
All parts of our body must completely act in symbiosis with each other, in order not to overcome the shortcomings of others, but in order to always realize to the maximum possible the kinetic chains and, consequently, to improve the performance of both the trained region, that of the whole body through the correct postures, controlled positions of the pelvis and the relaxation of the antagonistic muscles.

The medical gymnastics of the future

Meto2o finds its basis in medical gymnastics, working methodology now in disuse for many strong reasons; taking this fascinating discipline, I developed all the concepts that form Meto2o.
Corrective gymnastics was used to bring the body to the compensation of wrong attitudes: for example, at the spinal column level, the remedial gymnastics was by far the most useful method to get the best results to work on the equilibration of the scoliosis.
Meto2o starts from the functional equilibration of the human body to reach the complex and articulated concepts of athletic training: it is an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, something that has the primary purpose of carrying the body of those who training to be entirely anti-injury: not an easy objective, but achievable with methodism and perseverance.
Lacks of strength, limitations in mobility, wrong attitudes of the trunk, muscles that do not comply with chains and sequential synergies, tendons and ligaments that not allow the maximum articular excursion ... these are just some of the problems that can cause problems, aches, pains and, consequently, reduce athletic performance and / or the life of every day.
That's why you need to free the strength!