Luca Ottino

(Torino, August 1, 1985)

Qualifications and titles

  • Degree in Sports and Physical Education at SUISM of Turin, thesis with prof. Claudio Gaudino titled “The physical training prior to athletic training”;
  • National Master of the Italian Tennis Federation;
  • 2nd degree Physical Trainer of the Italian Tennis Federation.

Professional career in the field of tennis

  • 2001: tennis coach at the Summer Centre of Telecom Italia of Roncegno during the courses conducted by the father Domenico;
  • 2002-2005: beginning of the career in teaching tennis in the Tennis School directed by the father at the Master Club of Rivarossa Canavese;
  • 2005-2007: work at A.S. Le Pleiadi, as a physical-athletic trainer; during the following season also included as tennis coach;
    • Collaboration as a physical-athletic trainer with Giulia Gatto Monticone (250 WTA) and Daria Kustova (160 WTA in singles, top 100 in doubles) in the team of Andrea Monti.
  • 2007-2009: engaged at the Academy of Tennis “I Faggi”, with both tasks of teaching tennis that physical-athletic preparation and post-injury functional rehabilitation;
    • Collaboration as a sparring partner with Stefano Napolitano (top 10 Tennis Europe) followed by his father Cosimo.
  • 2009-2012: technical director of the School of Tennis of Tennis Club Pinerolo;
    • Collaboration as a sparring partner and / or consultant for the physical-athletic part of the project “Tennis Talents” directed by Luca Appino, following among others Margalita Chakhnashvili (190 WTA), Bastian Malla (Top 10 under 14 ITF Ranking).
  • November 2011: starts the continuous collaboration with Luca Appino and his project “Tennis Talents” at Tennis Sanremo as a physical-athletic trainer, sparring partner and kinesiologist
    • Collaboration with Matteo Civarolo (900 ATP), Valentine Confalonieri (400 WTA), Luca Prevosto (Ligurian champion 2012), Kristina Novak (Top 10 under 12 ITF Ranking 2012).
  • 2012 - today: works as a kinesiologist consultant with prof. Luca Avagnina, at his studio "Alipod" in Sanremo, having the opportunity to meet many professional tennis players;
    • In May 2013, participates as a speaker at the famous international fitness exhibition "Rimini Wellness", making an intervention named "Workout functionality of the foot in podolistica terms".
  • February - September 2013: works as an external consultant and assistant coach on the field and kinesiologist with Diego Nargiso at his “Accademia di Beausoleil”;
    • Collaboration, among others, with Gianluca Mager (raised from 2.5 Italian position to the ITF Futures semi-finals in a year).
  • 2013 - today: works with the prestigious academy of the coach Bob Brett, both as a coach assistant on the field and as a physical and athletic trainer. Here, he has the opportunity to work with many top players, both junior ITF-level and ATP players, some of them individually followed over the course of the personal treatments proposed by Meto2o.

Agonistic career in tennis

  • Sporting experiences in water polo, basketball, soccer; tennis specialization at age 13.
  • Highest achieved ranking: 2nd category, 8th degree (2012)
  • 2001-2005: member of “Polo Club Torino”, plays five seasons in National C Division reaching the National Scoreboard on 3 occasions (2001, 2003, 2005);
  • 2006: member of “A.S. Le Pleiadi”, plays the National B Division;
  • 2008: member of “I Faggi” Tennis Academy, wins promotion to the National B Division at the end of the victorious races against “Ferratella" Tennis Club of Roma and “St. Georgen” of Brunico.
  • 2011: best season ever, with an increase in rank from 3.4 to 2.8 in 6 months (already promoted at mid-year); victory of the third category tournament of Cambiano valid for qualifying for the Italian Championships; victory of three stages of the “Dunlop Weekend” circuit and subsequent victory of its final Master.

Professional career in multi-sport and academic fields

  • 2006-2009: engaged in Soccer School at the Torino FC;
  • 2008/2009: follows the project of University Sports Centre of Torino “Sport goes to school”;
  • 2007: active at the Torino FC Camp of Dronero as responsible of the summer activities in the sector “Little Friends”;
  • 2009/2010: is part of the staff of the Federal Coordinator of the Youth and School sector of the FIGC (prof. Marco Pianotti);
  • 2008/2009 and 2009/2010: follows the national project of the FIGC “The Values go down in field” in primary schools;
  • A. A. 2008/2009: Assistant professor at the SUISM of Torino in the optional course of POF and Extracurricular Design;
  • A. A. 2009/2010: Assistant professor at the SUISM of Torino in the optional course of POF and Extracurricular Design and Football Coaching, held by prof. Giancarlo Camolese.
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