The activities of Meto2o

Meto2o is addressed to all those who need to move, whether they are amateurs or professionals.
This is because Meto2o proposes a global intervention strategy on the individual’s structure, aimed at the functional optimization of the musculoskeletal system and at the troubleshooting of functional equilibration problems of the different body regions.

  • For PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES, it is proposed a physical and athletic preparation according to Meto2o: particular attention to accidents prevention, since it is better to play/compete the whole season at 90% rather than play a month at 100% and another month be stopped due to injuries or structural overloads. Development of a strong body center (trunk) so that both upper and lower limbs can be attached to a solid and secure base.
  • For AMATEUR SPORTSMEN: physical preparation for all those who practice sports competitions, and are confronted with opponents at all levels and need to prepare their own body in order not to run into unpleasant accidents which might affect the activities of everyday life, both work and social.
  • Per PSYCHOPHYSICAL WELLNESS: physical activity for all those who desire the Wellness of body and mind but without special needs or ambitions of agonistic comparison.

Programs Detail

  • VERTEBRAL PAINS: individualized programs of corrective gymnastics and/or postural, aimed at the functional optimization of the situation of the spine. According to Meto2o it’s a unique set, not split nor divided into sectors: it’s necessary to take care of all its parts to get the aim of optimizing one of them (cervical, spine thoracic , lumbar, sacral). The rachis is directly joined to the pelvis, to which must not be hooked, but functionally rested in order to better be able to fulfill all its functions: for this reason, Meto2o considers rachis and pelvis as two independent but closely related entities.
    For any kind of problem related to back, neck, shoulders, shoulder blades and hips, but more generally to the musculoskeletal system in its entirety. Meto2o can help everyone from professional athletes to amateurs sportsmen up to the most sedentary.
  • PROBLEMS and / or JOINT PAINS: pains are often mainly responsible for feelings of illness or situations of hardship that we all experience. Meto2o, through the processes that are aimed at the motor liberation, tries to give a concrete and complete answer with respect to all types of painful state: whether it is caused by the decay of tissues, by improper use of muscle groups, by joint failures, by attrition, by overload or by other causes.
    In most cases pains are caused by a slightly correct distribution of loads; in other cases it may happen, however, that problems have to be searched in a non-optimal nourishment of tissues.
  • REHABILITATION POST-INJURY: after an injury, Meto2o is developed to obtain the maximum effectiveness in the process of functional rehabilitation. The best way to get back to full functionality after a problem, even up to the post- surgery, it is to work with the objective of returning to the optimized balance of the body region: peculiar characteristic of Meto2o.