Luca Ottino has created and experimented a global method aimed at finding, achieving and maintaining of the functional optimization of the musculoskeletal system of each individual.
In fact, if the medicine states that “every human being is an unique and unrepeatable entity”, why should we, at the level of physical training (understood in all its meanings), treat all individuals with well-defined protocols and procedures, delineated and general, leaving out the physical-motor and muscle-functional characteristics of each?

From international level athletes to non sporting people with common problems, the Meto2o got concrete and tangible results, such as to bring immediate benefit to the users themselves: from physical training for professional athletes, to personal treatments for joint or muscle pains caused by daily life; from relaxation techniques for disposing of stress to corrective gymnastics; from breathing techniques to postural gymnastics. The disciplines that blend together to create Meto2o are multiple and different from each other, but the common denominator is only one: the human body.

Prevention is not only to avoid problems, but also to act directly so they don’t get worse by becoming more rooted and, therefore, more difficult to solve.